Recent Client Assignments

Strategic Consulting

Worked with the Board of a midsized theater company to assess their current situation and identify strategies for the future; continued with the same client to develop specific plans for audience engagement and major donor and Board development, and to oversee implementation.

Worked with the Board of a service organization for theater professionals to evaluate the current array of member services and develop a strategic plan for the future; continued later with the same client to outine a development plan.

Assessed the market potential for a major dance company that was considering establishing a school in a new geographic location.

Conducted research with audience, board, and donors of an opera company that was considering major changes to its repertoire, performance scheduling, and other variables.

Designed and conducted offsite Board retreats for a number of different arts and cultural organizations, including sessions dealing with strategic planning, annual goal setting, and Board effectiveness.

Conducted diagnostic assessments for various groups, including a small theater company, a nonprofit historical organization, several vocal music groups, and several music schools.

Marketing and Audience Building

Conducted an audience survey for a consortium of 21 small and midsized theater companies; led workshops with participants to help them interpret the results and develop appropriate marketing strategies.

Designed and directed market research with Boston-area visual artists and musicians, leading to the design of a series of programs to assist them in their career development.

Conducted market research and developed and implemented marketing strategies for several theater companies, including a respected midsized company that was considering a move to a new home; an avant-garde company that wanted to broaden its audience to include more mainstream theater-goers; and a traditional suburban company that wanted to expand to incorporate more adventurous fare and younger audiences.

Directed all marketing operations for a leading performing arts company during a period of planning for a major transition and growth phase, including involvement in pricing, expansion of subscriber services, and media strategy.

Developed an overall plan of activities and responsibilities for the launch of a new arts and technology festival; directed all marketing and publicity efforts.

Worked on an ongoing basis advising and directing marketing and media relations strategy for a number of organizations, including an opera company, a major visual arts museum, a heritage museum, a leading arts presenter, a major regional theatre, a choral group, a summer theatre company, a conservatory, and a professional dancers’ workshop.

Development and Board Consulting

Created a development plan for a service organization for theater professionals, and assisted in its implementation; conducted a follow-up assessment for the same client three years later.

Designed and implemented a development plan for a midsized theater company with special emphasis on cultivation of major donors.

Designed a comprehensive donor benefit program for an opera company.

Assisted two music groups with succession planning for senior leadership positions.

Created descriptive materials and tracking systems for the board development committee of a major performing arts organization.

Major Project Management

Planned and managed major events for various clients, including four statewide conferences of cultural leaders.


Created a variety of communication materials for client organizations, including annual reports, donor solicitation materials, season brochures, magazine articles, op-ed pieces, press releases, grant proposals, and marketing materials.

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